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Other People's Beer Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

The People's Tap- Years in the making (Part 1)


Dave sits down with Jen and Julia, Co-Owners of The People's Tap in beautiful Downtown Greenville


On tap at The People's Tap

Golden Monkey

Drunky Monkey Beer Mosa!

Miller Lite

50% Local/Regional Beer

1 Pangea Brewing

2 The Southern Growl

3 Edmund's Oast


A surprise appearance of Data Analytics!

1 Can my Dad use this?


Are you Dog Friendly?

1 Possible Outdoor seating and potential dogs!

2 The People's Tap Running group

3 Bike Rack

4 The People's Tap takes suggestions


Why aren't you a brewery

1 So expensive!

2 Following directions is hard

3 Space?

4 Brewing isn't a passion…

5 Other People make good beer

6 We *really* like beer


Idea Book - Potential things coming up!

1 Memberships and Customer engagement

   a Monthly subscription with beers

   b online forum

   c Brewer interviews and discussions


Tangent 1 -You can't run without beer

1 Cotton Mouth Beer Relay

2 VA marathon and shots of Beer

3 Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon

4 50k Ultra and emergency Golden Monkey

5 15 miles on a whim

6 Sign ups as motivation to run

7 Recovery is important kids!

8 Ville to Ville - ASH to GVL

9 EXTREME Ville to Ville -GVL to ASH (All up hill)



1 Susquehanna - like you do

2 Papi's Taco's delivery

3 Lazy Goat Delivery

4 Full Tilt (RIP - Closing mid March)


Beers discussed

Raspberry Chocolate tunnel of Love

Susquehanna's imperial Shandy

Euro Heineken

Guinness Foreign export



"Free" Collage Beer - Influencing the People's Tap

1 Bud Lite

2 Blue Moon

3 Shock Top

4 Coors Lite

5 Goose Island

6 Michelob Ultra

7 Coors Banquet